Keeping It Cool: Your Ultimate Air Conditioning Buying Guide

Air conditioners provide a good escape from the heated weather. When the heat gets unbearable, one would rather seek some chilling comfort in an air-conditioned room. Room air conditioners cost less and are energy-friendly.
According to a statistics released by Energy Star, most households spend as part of their utility bill 13 percent on cooling. Hence the need to choose the right window unit air conditioner among over 6.5 million units that are being purchased yearly. The size of an air conditioner in the room has to be considered. A too small sized one won’t serve well in cooling the whole room while one that is too big does so quickly but gets the whole room so moisturized, too cold and clammy.
Things to Consider in Finding the Best Air Conditioner for Your Space
1. Do a Noise Test
You sure would not want to install an air conditioner that constitutes a nuisance to your eardrums. Excellent models barely make noise. The slightest noise that could be made is that of the running fan. But models that rank low are disturbing especially at night whether set on low or set on high.
2. Consider the Location of the Window
The position of the window either at the left, right or centre matters in maximizing the use of your air conditioner. Since window air conditioners perform better when blowing towards one direction, it is better they are strategically installed at the centre of the room for a uniform cooling. However, there are some air conditioners that have fan arms which swing around.
3. Get Your Air Conditioner Installed Properly
You have to ensure that the air conditioner is well installed to get the most from it. Most of the air conditioner units are designed to fit properly windows that are double-hung. However, a through-the-wall air conditioner may be suitable for other window types such as casement windows. When installing your air conditioner, ensure your window unit is at a level position for proper drainage. More importantly, ensure no device that generates heat such as a desktop or lamp are near the installed unit.

4. Keep the Filter Accessible
The location of the filter must be accessible. This makes cleaning easier. You would always require the use of the filter for cleaning. This would help keep the unit in an excellent condition at all times.
5. Opt for the Smart Cooling Option
Trust me, you don’t want to miss out from the technology of having your air conditioner controlled by your smartphone. With the smartphone setting of your unit, you can have all cooling units installed in your home connected together and operated from your smartphone.
6. Look for a Good Warranty
Air conditioners of different models come with different warranty offer. Purchasing an electrical appliance with a longer warranty is safer because electrical appliance at times come with unpredictable disappointments. When purchasing a brand new unit, one could easily visit the website of different brands to pick the one with a longer warranty period.

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