Five Signs that Your Ductwork Need to Be Replaced

Does the condition of your ductwork really matter? Should I even care about my ductwork? Well, this article explains some of the signs that will help you know when to replace your ductwork. Of course, you’ll also get to understand the condition of your ductwork matter. Your ductwork is responsible for delivering cool or warm air within your living space. Any issues or problems in your ductwork can affect the performance of your HVAC unit and even shorten its life.

If the HVAC ducts in your home get damaged or become defective, your system will be forced to work harder to distribute air throughout your home. It becomes quite difficult for your HVAC unit to keep your home comfortable. Replacing the air duct system of your unit can help maximize its efficiency and make your home more comfortable. It’s important that you hire a licensed technician to replace the defective or damaged ductwork. He will ensure that air ducts of the correct size are fitted within your house and all connections between vents, ducts, and registers sealed. Here are some the signs that would indicate the need to replace your air duct.

Constantly Dusty Home

One of the reasons your home has been dusty on a continuous basis is the presence of leaky ducts. When your ductwork develops leaks, it is obvious that cool or warm air will easily escape while dirt and dust particles get their way in. Ignoring this problem can result in serious issues in your HVAC unit which would lead to an unsafe and unhealthy home environment.

Mold in your Ducts

Mold usually develops in a moist environment. The fact that your HVAC unit is allowing the passage of cool and warm air through it means that, over time, moisture can develop and result in mold growth. How would you know if there’s mold in your ductwork? Simple, strange odor from your air vents. As soon as you smell any strange odor from your ductwork or air vents, have them inspected for mold growth.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

As mentioned, the air ducts play a critical role in sneering your home remains at a comfortable temperature. They deliver warm or cool air throughout all the rooms in your home. If you notice any inconsistency in the temperatures in your home, chances are there could be a problem with your HVAC ducts. Inconsistent room temperatures, in this case, means some of the rooms are too cold while others are too hot.

Noisy Central Air System

An undersized ductwork would result in a lot of noise. In such cases, you need to hire a licensed HVAC technician to check if you have the correct size or if there’s another problem. If your ductwork is undersized, you’ll need to replace it with the proper size ductwork.

High Utility Bills

If you’ve been paying high energy bills in a recent couple of months, there could be a problem with your HVAC system. The high utility bills could be as a result of leaks in your air ducts. The presence of leaks would mean you’re losing a lot of energy each day hence the increasing utility bills. A licensed HVAC technician can conduct a run a blower test to determine if there’s a problem with your ductwork. If there are leaks, he can replace your ductwork to keep your energy bills affordable.  More info

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